Which type of rider would you choose to be?


Now while we all love riding our bikes, we each have our own strengths and weaknesses. And from time to time we've all surely looked up to the pros and considered which type of rider we might be most like, or which we'd most like to be.

Whether or not you've had the time or experience to figure out which rider category you fall into since you started riding, we want to know which kind of rider you'd most like to be

Do you dread the climbs but love a quick sprint to the finish? Or are you one of those rarities who flourish where others suffer on the inclines?

Fancy a quick burst away from the group? Then put yourself down with the likes of Philippe Gilbert as a puncheur. Or maybe you like the idea of suffering in awkward position...in which case you may want to go with the time trialists.

Let us know which you prefer or which you know you are. Choose from the categories below to see the results from the rest of the CW.CC community. You can also tell us why you made your choice in the comments section below.

Which kind of rider would you rather be?
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  1. Iconoclast
  2. In the absence of a "merely competent" category I've had to go for puncheur.

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