What are your cycling essentials?


Pump, check. Tubes, check. Multi-tool check. But what else? We've all got our preferences about what we take on a ride, with some taking simply the bare necessities while others pack for every eventuality.

So what are the essentials you have to have with you when you go for a ride?

Well it's generally sensible to take puncture repair kit, otherwise you could end up stranded, but how do you carry it? Saddle bag? Jersey pocket?

Do you prefer a pump or CO2 canisters? Gels or bars?

Let us know exactly what you have to take with you when you go for a ride here on the forum, or in the comments section below.

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  1. By Morgan Rees 2 months ago

    Pump (in camelback), CO2 cartridges, levers, multi-tool (saddlebag), wallet, phone, car key & Sig-Sauer 380 semi-automatic (rear pockets). Trust me, where I ride, it's a necessity!
  2. By bigape 2 months ago

    Ok what to carry on a ride. 1.Pump (rear pocket) 2. 2 inner tubes (spares can) 3. tyre levers (spares can) 4. Multi tool (spares can) 5. folding tyre (under seat held on with toe strap) 6. Zip ties ( conceal in drop bars with bar stoppers to hold like a Rambo knife) 7. Magic chain link 8. Cash and Credit card (rear pockets) 9. Food, bananas and fruit cake work for me (rear pockets) 10. Drink (down tube cage mount) 11. Mobile phone for when everything else fails and you need to call International recovery (the wife)
  3. By Colin Milne 3 months ago

    In a saddle pack: Tool kit, quick link, spare tube, space blanket, first aid kit, latex gloves, rag. Pump on cage mounts, bidons in cages. Edge 800 on Sram mount. Pockets for phone, cash, food and stowable clothing.
  4. By alan pine 3 months ago

    in small saddlebag .....pump, spare tube, multi tool, small first aid kit puncture repair kit in pockets..... gels, protein bars sun glasses mobile phone...cash..hankerchief.(this has many uses.. small bandage .. facecloth ..headband when rolled up.. and skull protector under bike hat when cold)
  5. By Bill Stacey-Norris 3 months ago

    Small box of 8 jelly babies, If blood sugar gets low will get me 6 miles. Sense of humor always

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