Cliff Matthews

05 Aug 2013
United Kingdom
RiTMO Rating
  1. Helmets

    I suppose we have to agree to differ. The last bike I occasionally rode without helmet was a Laverda Mirage, 1200cc of raw power. The point is not whether riding a bike without a helmet is suicide (wh...

  2. RiTMO Validation Outside of the UK

    Tim in the early days I had my doubts about the validity of some RITMO scores, even my own. Mine is currently settling around 9 so I'm a little behind you. After being non-plussed I realised the point...

  3. Word Association


  4. Helmets

    Doesn't Wuverley talk a great deal of sense. This is the second time I find myself agreeing. I used to ride motorbikes and in my early rebellious days was seen often on the back roads and side roads o...

  5. Hi everyone...

    Hello Jenny You mention the grotty mountain bike hybrid. If this is serviceable then a cheap opetion might be to see if you can fit it for road use. I'm not expert but changing wheels may be all you n...