20 Sep 2012
  1. Word Association


  2. The Championship Sportive - Monmouthshire

    I think it's nice to have the choices I really don't mind a bit of a high entry fee for the likes of the Fred Whitton and Etape du Dales and the likes as you no where the money goes but it's each to t...

  3. The Championship Sportive - Monmouthshire

    I think when the money goes to charity I have no problem but like many I now find the large entry fees for some of the other events hard to swollow but it's obvious plenty don't So each to there own .

  4. Tacx vertual trainers.

    Well while we are talking about turbo's ,what type is everyone using ? as I could be looking for a update on my very old Tacx

  5. Measuring your effort: what do you use?

    Feel if it was good enough for malcome elliot it's good enough for me. Heart rate is cheap but I find if I'm in a racing situation I never look at it... Must try harder

  6. New Wheels

    I'm afraid I can't recommend the Pro-lite Bracciano's I bought a pair about a year and a half ago after reading about them on here but although they were nice and light and the hubs super smooth mine ...

  7. Waterproof winter gloves

    I actually use nitrile powder free gloves if it's really cold and wet they work a bit like a wet suit you get a bit of a sweat on but they stop warm which for me is better than cold , as stated before...

  8. Waterproof winter gloves

    Sealskinz claw gloves are the best I have ever found and they have lasted me two winters so far and a lejog trip last Easter when it was very cold and I'm verging on raynaunds to. They are as waterpro...

  9. No link from the new web page?

    thanks but when at/on new web page there does not seem to be any mention or link to the forum as there used to be(or is it just me and this I pad thingi)

  10. No link from the new web page?

    Is it me or is there no forum link from the new website front page??

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