20 Sep 2012
  1. BB30 Conversion Kit Hope that helps 

  2. 700x25 Tyres?

    Ribble is staying they will have VTC's in stock in 25mm in a week or so, worth keeping a eye on them as normally not easy to get in that size as wuverley says .

  3. Please Read And Sign

    Done and shared

  4. 700x25 Tyres?

    Michelin pro 4 much better puncture wise than a pro 3 , continental Grand Prix 4seasons good but expensive and I'm not sure they are that much better puncture wise than a pro 4 or gp4000s . I recently...

  5. Riding without ID

    I'd band for me also it's worth noting that some helmets have stickers you can fill in on the inside of them.  

  6. Pro's and Cons of Tubs

    Vittoria evo paves can be had off Planet X cheaply they are a smooth ok tyre 24mm but they do not have the wet weather grip/traction of a continental high end tubular competions,gp4000 etc but they ar...

  7. Shimano Wheels

    Got to pairs of ultegra wheels used on his n hers winter bikes in summer , also did lands end trip last year on them payed under £200 at the time for them per set and they are now over 3 years old wi...

  8. The Women's Tour of Britain

    Very good coverage big thanks to itv4 

  9. Word Association


  10. The Championship Sportive - Monmouthshire

    I think it's nice to have the choices I really don't mind a bit of a high entry fee for the likes of the Fred Whitton and Etape du Dales and the likes as you no where the money goes but it's each to t...

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