13 Jul 2011
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    Lisa.  (me too)

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  3. For the love of cycling

    Hi Victoria,   This is a good thread you've started here !   I don't think many of us are suitable "Agony Aunt's"  but the advise given by Wuverley  and Nobby K,  seems good.  My daughter has th...

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  6. La Fleche Wallone 22/4/15

    Looks like 3, of us got the winner !  With Wuv getting some extra point for J-Rod..

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    Dome   (back to a bicycle) (lava Dome)

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  9. Spring flowers

    They wrote a song:::    Hey hey, wait a minute mr postman.

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  1. thanks for that mostyn..seems like sound advice to me...alan pine
  2. Thanks Mostyn. Another member of the sensible crew. The more the merrier.
  3. Thanks Mostyn. Another Member of the sensible crew-the more the merrier!