13 Jul 2011
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  2. Two cyclists killed in Berkshire

    mikiebikie Finally a sentence to fit the crime. 10 years and 3 months jail time. Twice drink drive limit, cocaine, no insurance and still within 4 year driving ban from previous. This needs to be the ...

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    Cognito ( as incognito)

  4. Types of cyclist

    I love this thread The two analogies are just so funny.   I want to be the first GUY; a true cyclist, and his bike is probably the only mode of transport? Second guy refuses to grow up; I like him al...

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    You - ( surely not?)

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  7. Avast Anti Virus? to buy or not to buy?

    Had Avast A/V (Free) running on my computer for quite some time.. The renewal is coming up in a few days time. I can (if I wish) renew the Free Version again. It's worked OK-ish for the last year. But...

  8. 20 Apr 2014 Amstel Gold Race

    Nibali   Valverde   Roache   Thanks

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  10. **HELP WANTED**Long Distance (700miles) Charity Run Advice Plz

    I take it - it's not a race!   so you wont be training for speed (speed comes in time) more stamina is needed.   Regular training and maintaining a healthy diet,  lifestyle is, as important as ke...

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  1. By alan pine 4 months ago

    thanks for that mostyn..seems like sound advice to me...alan pine
  2. By Keith Miller 9 months ago

    Thanks Mostyn. Another member of the sensible crew. The more the merrier.
  3. By Keith Miller 9 months ago

    Thanks Mostyn. Another Member of the sensible crew-the more the merrier!