13 Jul 2011
  1. Winter Bike Suggestions

    Nice looking bike (BIG)  saw the photo on your profile.     I have problems with posting a photo on this site;  it's the only site I've failed to post photos on to.   Never had any problems until...

  2. Word Association


  3. Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the Forum P.C.C.     As an ex, AA coach,  I always found that preperation of a training programme; needed to suit the Athlete your writing the programme for.   There are however basc tr...

  4. Worth Watching - Best Ad I've Seen.

    This is a must see,   Honda Commercial..    I watched it several times it's really clever.   Here's a Link>> 

  5. Word Association


  6. Have to log in every time

    LOG-IN  again and again and again and yet again..

  7. Word Association


  8. Have to log in every time

    Still having to log-in  every visit.    Cwcc can you sort it for us please?

  9. Word Association


  10. Have to log in every time

    CWcc,  here we go again having to LOG in each visit!   must be a glitch somewhere in the site operation mechanics?  can you sort it?

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  1. thanks for that mostyn..seems like sound advice to me...alan pine
  2. Thanks Mostyn. Another member of the sensible crew. The more the merrier.
  3. Thanks Mostyn. Another Member of the sensible crew-the more the merrier!