13 Jul 2011
  1. Vuelta Stage 7

    Rodriguez Valverde

  2. Vuelta Stage 5

    6, points?    Degenkolb & P Gilbert was in the mix at the end?   You going on first name of the choice of two?

  3. Mudguards For Disc Brake Bikes

    Bending - tweaking and some other adjustments is OK as long as you get them to fit ..   Why 32mm, tyres?   I think 25mm/ 28mm is enough on a CX/road type bike.  JMO  of-course.

  4. Word Association


  5. Bike squeaks when wet

    SHOES?  don't laugh  it's a possibility? squeeeeeeek

  6. Word Association


  7. Vuelta Stage 6

    Quintana Contador

  8. Word Association


  9. Word Association


  10. Word Association

    Deeper  (N - Down)

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  1. thanks for that mostyn..seems like sound advice to me...alan pine
  2. Thanks Mostyn. Another member of the sensible crew. The more the merrier.
  3. Thanks Mostyn. Another Member of the sensible crew-the more the merrier!