13 Apr 2011
  1. How Would You Clean Up Cycling?

    Can u imagine how much Napha and Arsos would try and charge for authentic, team issue slightly greying George at Asda vests complete with aerodynamic tomato ketch stains and, slightly greying, slightl...

  2. How Would You Clean Up Cycling?

    Cleaning up Cycling Part Two.  When I was at Junior School back in the 1850"s (I'm a martyr to Oil of Ulay and me piles you know) if someone forgot their PE kit they had to do it in their vest and pa...

  3. Cycle Computer

    The Cateye Velo 5 is well large Big! It doesn't link up to Strava or an HRM but it looks particularly jolly next to my red Knog Frog. Just thought you'd like to know that....

  4. Wiggle customer relations?

    Hi Roger try 01324 314212 for Wiggle.

  5. Log your bike ride - here!

    Two weeks since my last ride, tutti alors, a mixture of job hunting, gigs, playing a corpse in a murder mystery and, frankly, the kind of weather that makes one's coiffure frizz! Day off today though,...

  6. Word Association

    PANTS! (see previous post. I never seem to be able to stray above the waist these days.....)

  7. Word Association


  8. How Would You Clean Up Cycling?

    Cleaning up cycling is a cinch. 1 bring back wearing underpants under cycling shorts - as the late great Rik Mayall, once said 'Dirty pants, clean botty'! 2 ban the serving of litter prone energy gels...

  9. Urban Cycling Priorities

    Couldn't get the link to work Hugh, it may of course be me and my jelly bean fuelled cheapy tablet.....

  10. Word Association