13 Apr 2011
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  2. Log your bike ride - here!

    Perversity in all things is a wonderful thing Wuv. What actually got me riding singlespeed was  because my gears got jammed in transit on last years Ride London 100 and I ended up doing the whole thi...

  3. Log your bike ride - here!

    17 mile lunch hour ride with the boss. Oh, it took longer than an hour but, what the heckety, I was with the boss! For the benefit of, possibly, Wuv alone, I can't get the singlespeed up the sharp rig...

  4. Word Association

    Knackered (well I've just been out on the singlespeed....)

  5. Word Association

    Guv'nor (one too many episodes of the Sweeney, I'm guessing!)

  6. Word Association

    Anton (keeeeep dancing......not you Judy!)

  7. Word Association


  8. Word Association

    Skids (now they were a good band, all together now 'Into the valley...'

  9. Tour of Beijing

    Naughty Wuv! Trying to steal Auntie Nobby's rightful place as the 'Eternal   Lanterne Rouge'. Think the magnificent Raymond Poulidor only one that's a bit rubbish. I can see that a visit from Mrs Nob...

  10. Btwin FC 5 Carbon Road Bike

    Hi Savith, buy with your heart rather than your head and you'll love riding your bike more. I did and I ended up with a Charge Plug singlespeed. Ocassionally murder to get up the hills but I love ever...