13 Apr 2011
  1. Winter Bike Suggestions

    Glad you love the new Felt Big. Mrs Nobby has hammered the s**t out of hers for the last two years and given it scant good lovin' (rather like our wedding day!) She runs hers with a pink AssSaver, but...

  2. Word Association

    (Maple) SYRUP!

  3. Log your bike ride - here!

    Not exactly a logged ride but I've just picked up a pair of Btwin shorts for £4.99 and some p******e reflating spray for £2.99 from the local Decathlon. Expect hi-def photos of chafing or baby bott ...

  4. Have to log in every time

    Cue tumbleweed.......

  5. Word Association


  6. Charity rides

    Get your point Morgan, mind you I couldn't run for a bus.....

  7. Charity rides

    Hi Morgan, personally, I think it depends on what level of cycling experience/fitness you're starting from. For some newer or, in my case older, riders (!) distances of a lot less can seem quite daunt...

  8. Word Association

    Pee (whit, a bird I believe)

  9. Word Association

    (the) Forum?

  10. Have to log in every time

    Bring back the Fat Controller, seems like CWCC only cares about VIMTO...