13 Apr 2011
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  3. 2015 Calendar

    Whoop whoop to you for taking on the Predictions again Young Larry, although when you headed it 2015 Calendar, I thought you were starting a thread about the very 'enlightened' Cyclepassion calendar o...

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    Fluffing (an occupation, so I've been led to believe)

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  6. Are the UCI fit to govern world cycling?

    Wuv, dear heart, t'was me that mentioned Chris Boardman. Since he retired he has shown that he not only understands business and the media but he's been pretty central to the success at BC and is not ...

  7. Log your bike ride - here!

    2 hour ride to the very lovely Carricoli in Alresford, 21 miles with an 'earth shattering' max of 26.1 how Sir Chris must be trembling at that! Tested out my new bTwin shorts (only 4.99!) super comfy ...

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    Chamois (sorry, I thought I was blowing away a wheelsucker!)

  9. Are the UCI fit to govern world cycling?

    An elected body with balls! The decision not to withold Astana's World Tour Licence completely legitimizes doping. I understand that elections are wide open to rigging and that some national federatio...

  10. Are the UCI fit to govern world cycling?

    Given that the UCI have just awarded a World Tour Licence to serial cheats Astana - it begs the question 'are the UCI a fit and proper organisation to run world cycling?' I vote 'no' Next please....