13 Apr 2011
  1. Types of cyclist

    Oh lordy I'm a hipster! Singlespeed check. Bull horns check. Dodgy goatee (hiding lip ring zit) check. Side parting (on the wide side) check. Glasses (only to read menus and threateners from the bank)...

  2. 20 Apr 2014 Amstel Gold Race

    Mollema Bauke Slagter Tom Jelte Kwitakowski Michal Cheers Cliff

  3. The New Forest welcomes cyclists with drawing pins

    Hmmmm, drawing pins not terribly animal friendly methinks. Prats!

  4. Word Association

    (and) Seperate (now that dates me, but it's served me well....) 

  5. Paris - Roubaix 2014 (1.WT)

    Stybar Vanmarcke Degenkolb

  6. How to Properly Adjust Bicycle Shifting

    Evenin' Wuverley Answers on a postcard - the chain adjusters protect the drop outs and lock the rear axle in place, essential when you have teeny tiny thighs attempting to haul the singlespeed up the ...

  7. How to Properly Adjust Bicycle Shifting

    Huzzah! Just been to the new Hargroves superstore in Winchester (looking good but far too many gears!) and they cured my Charge Plug's drifting back wheel axle with a pair of ProMax chain adjusters (...

  8. Word Association

    Eroica (Yay!)

  9. How to Properly Adjust Bicycle Shifting

    Mostyn, I'm impressed, I'm not sure my LBS (Hargroves) would even let me loose with the shop broom! In fact I'm going into their brand new Winchester Superstore this afty to get a pair of chain adjus...

  10. Word Association