13 Apr 2011
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  2. Deep drop anatomic bars

    Normally Wuv, I'd bore on about the joys of the Charge Slice bullhorn bars but a quick gaggle on t'intynet revealled some Deda Newton anatomic deep drop bars on Evans for 55.19 and the same bars on Wi...

  3. Paris-Tours 11/10/15

    Chartres you say...I feel positively forced to demonstrate my woeful predicting skills for the last but one time. En tout cas Danny Van Poppel Sam Bennett Merci bien mon brave  

  4. 'The comeback' - week 44...'Mr Neverwell' returns as a 'celebrat

    I went 'country' once. Kept finding grass in my chamois for weeks! I'll get me coat....

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  6. Word Association

    Shylock (see, I kept it strictly above the waist there BIG! My reference to our sea-going squeaky gate feathered friends was simply an innocent nod towards my beloved Brighton & Hove Albion FC. In...

  7. 'The comeback' - week 44...'Mr Neverwell' returns as a 'celebrat

    Excellent write up as ever Jon - 40x22 is that your gear de choisir for hill climbs or TT's in general? I sometimes find my 42x16 a bit costly on the old shoe leather on the hillier sportives/TT's I g...

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  10. Cycling Weekly Cover

    Mines unreadable, not a consecutive page in sight! Still, it makes searching for this weeks 101 Interesting Facts You Need to Know about Beetroot more interesting....