13 Apr 2011
  1. Fleche Wallone

    Kwiatkowski Michal Slagter Tom Jelte Riblon Christophe Ta muchly

  2. Word Association


  3. Word Association


  4. Giro del Trentino 22nd April

    Basso Scarponi Dowsett BMC        Thanks Cliff

  5. hows your luck

    OMG! Hard luck Alan, sounds like one hell of an accident. I suppose with artery damage it could have been even worse. How long have they said you've got to lay off the bike for? If youve got a turbo y...

  6. Log your bike ride - here!

    Spent a morning of valuable riding time cleaning up Mrs Nobby's old Boardman to sell on ebay (one psychopathically violent owner and all that...) but managed to squeeze in two hours on the singlespeed...

  7. Avast Anti Virus? to buy or not to buy?

    Plus 1 for the freebie AVG Mostyn - never had any nasty viruses, rampant piles on the other hand....

  8. Types of cyclist

    Oh lordy I'm a hipster! Singlespeed check. Bull horns check. Dodgy goatee (hiding lip ring zit) check. Side parting (on the wide side) check. Glasses (only to read menus and threateners from the bank)...

  9. 20 Apr 2014 Amstel Gold Race

    Mollema Bauke Slagter Tom Jelte Kwitakowski Michal Cheers Cliff

  10. The New Forest welcomes cyclists with drawing pins

    Hmmmm, drawing pins not terribly animal friendly methinks. Prats!