13 Apr 2011
  1. GB National Road Race Championships 28/6/15

    Here on the mean streets of Winchester Wuv, it's positively 'de riggeurre' as we manly types are fond of saying to be inked and pierced by some of the country's finest craftsman and I should know, I'v...

  2. GB National Road Race Championships 28/6/15

    @fozzie 500, and who exactly might these 'rules spouting hipsters' be pray tell? I hope you're not refering to the much maligned species of young (well ok 57) new media types (ok, so I wander round ca...

  3. Word Association

    Barney (or as we say in the cafe stops in Alresford 'I can't help but notice you were admiring my Robert Gesink barney/barnet whatever...)

  4. Heat

    A splendid mantra Jon Sidewell, I apply the same one to shoes - ALWAYS diamante and leopardskin NEVER without chellacs. I really should have been born in Essex (sigh....)

  5. Log your bike ride - here!

    Haha just checked out the witch doctor's website TMC (includes all the usual mumbo jumbo buzzwords that the Comic et al tells us we need. Strangely, I didn't see your glowing recommendations on his te...

  6. Stage 3 Tour de France 6/7/15

    Don't go Lovely Wuv need you here indulging our every whim.. Sam Bennett Ian Stannard Merci bien

  7. Word Association


  8. Word Association

    Vibrators (who can forget their classic 45 Baby, Baby, Baby, still soing strong!)

  9. Stage 2 Tour de France 5/7/15

    It's like stealing candy from a baby, this 'winning the Predictions League postal order lark.... Nacer Bouhanni Sam Bennett

  10. Stage 1, Tour de France 4/7/15

    Cheers Wuv, Alex Dowsett Wilco Kelderman Winning time 14.59, I really haven't got a scoobie!