13 Apr 2011
  1. Log your bike ride - here!

    Wuv, SOOOOO masterfull! I am strangely arroused! I ride my 42x16 Plug as a singlespeed (avec freewheel) and it copes with pretty much anything round the dystopian, post-apocalytic industrial wasteland...

  2. Word Association


  3. Word Association

    Mince? (as in Trebor, or the intoxicating way I stagger home from the Bricklayers Arms after a night on the Babycham. BIG, you're a naughty boy, I'm sending a Fiat Panda choc-a-bloc with the (former) ...

  4. The comeback...'plenty of time soon...'

    Yo JP and the Razors, as I believe the Young Persons say on Youtube, 'Ucking Cowboy boots? Are they the kangaroo skin SPD compatible ones?  My new diamante encrusted slingbacks from Napha almost cert...

  5. Word Association


  6. Log your bike ride - here!

    GEARS TMC GEARS!!!!!! Do you mean those diabolical dangly things (as the first Three Mrs Nobby's said on many a Saturday evening) I'd rather watch the Great Pottery Throwdown! Actually I did watch it ...

  7. Log your bike ride - here!

    Whadaya mean 'got down to 12mph at one point' TMC! Some of us, mentioning NO NAMES, are happy to average the heady heights of a 12mph average I'll have you know!!!!!!! Naturally, what with it being pr...

  8. Word Association


  9. Word Association

    Fug (as in "I wish you'd opened the window, there's a terrible fug in here!" or 'everybody on the mean streets of Fulfood, looks like a right fug, know what I mean bro?')

  10. Post viral syndrome

    Hi Wescat, I can't be of much use either, I googled PVS and they seemed to lump it in with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME but tht search did bring up quite a few forums/support groups, have you tried...