13 Apr 2011
  1. Word Association

    Bound! (Just the usualy Saturday night in with the wife here in Winchester....)

  2. Log your bike ride - here!

    I enjoy nothing more than the sound of hailstones rattling on my helmet TMC....

  3. Elite Turbo Warranty

    Raise the issue on their facebook page. Company's don't like to look like a*******s on a public forum. One of their tech guys always runs a q&a session around lunchtime. Good luck!

  4. Which Bike.

    Whenever people post on forums asking 'what bike'? The answer is obvious - MINE!!!!! About to become EVEN SEXIER! Take one Charge Plug 1, add a pair of Miche Xpress wheels, 1xShimano MX 30 16 tooth fr...

  5. Dubai Tour

    Eager to reclaim my rightful place at the top of the Predictions Leaderboard, I choose Ben Swift  Daniel Oss

  6. Tour Down Under

    Thanks Larry G! Bringing up the rear, exactly as I like it!

  7. 'The comeback' - week 9...'Walk the the talk...

    And there was me hoping it was Wayne Rooney!

  8. 'The comeback' - week 9...'Walk the the talk...

    Fabulous! But come clean Jon WHO was Mr Ferarri?

  9. Log your bike ride - here!

    16 miles, 4 rear wheel spins (got out of the saddle, doh!) 1 bolting, riderless horse in Avington Park, blue skies, sun, bit brrrrr. First ride of the year and the best ride of the year. Now, where di...