13 Apr 2011
  1. Log your bike ride - here!

    Our second date Wuv! At the risk of sounding frightfully Nigella (and we do share the same taste in shoes!) Alresford watercress makes a particularly fine pesto - yum, innit obvs!

  2. 10 mile TT Champs

    It's a date Wuv! (missus natch) 19.36 -pah! I only need to knock 19.59 off my PB - piece of cake!

  3. Word Association

    Willy (as in Barrett - 'Cor baby that's really free' and 'Beware of the flowers 'cause I'm sure they're going to get you (yeah!)')

  4. Log your bike ride - here!

    Couple (and a bit!) of hours free from the shackles (!) so did a 30 mile loop round the Alresford loop. Wore my boil in the bag gillet and sweated like a 99p microwave macaroni cheese! The slightly le...

  5. Stage 11 Vuelta a Espana 2/9/15

    Cheers Wuv, en tout cas Louis 'Muscles' Meintjes And Pieirre 'Ribs' Rolland x

  6. Stage 10 Vuelta a Espana 31/8/15

    Hey Luvly Wuv, can I swap Louis Meintjes for Nacer B, who I believe also crashed out today. Ta muchly, NK x

  7. Word Association


  8. Stage 11 Vuelta a Espana 2/9/15

    Skinny climbers you say Wuv?  Howasbout Dan 'the Midlands Middleweight' Martin And Pierre 'Ribs' Rolland Job's a good 'un, the yacht is practically mine....

  9. Stage 10 Vuelta a Espana 31/8/15

    Nacer Bouhanni Geraint Thomas Me, I'm just a lawnmower, you can tell me by the way I walk.... xxx

  10. GP Ouest France 30/8/15

    Kenneth van Bilsen Pierrick Fedrigo Merci bien cher Wuv