13 Apr 2011
  1. Spring flowers

    Tish and tush BIG! Look upon Eduardo as Jeeves to my Wooster or an ivory tinkling Barry Manilow to my silver tongued  Barbara Streisand. Cream horns? - the energy food of the Gods (just check out the...

  2. Spring flowers

    Many fellows would assume TMC, that I like nothin more than a scantilly clad, Phillipino houseboy (lets call him Eduardo) proffering a magniicent Cream Horn, but, frankly, there is no act too base tha...

  3. Spring flowers

    Never let it be said that Nobby isn't partial to the odd bit of sausage TMC, but I'm more of a Fondant Fancy man myself...

  4. Liege-Bastogne-Liege 26/4/15

    Cheers Wuv, aaaaaaaand the Fickle Pink Marigold of Fate descends upon..... Romain Bardet Wilco Kelderman

  5. Jobs

    Test Dept, Wuv! I went to a gig of theirs which consisted of them demolishing the old Gentlemen's Lavatory at Waterloo Station. Strange that I should find so much pleasure in a Gentlemen's convenience...

  6. Word Association

    Mildred (as in Maisonette Mildred, my alter ego on a Saturday night at the Bricklayers Arms)

  7. Word Association


  8. For the love of cycling

    Just a suggestion Victoria, but have you tried going cycling with your partner? I'm not suggesting eye-balls out, nose on the stem training (yet!) but the occasional spin out to a nice pub/cafe could ...

  9. Spring flowers

    You are a naughty boy TMC! A drizzle of hoi sin sauce and served in a pancake, delicious! I've been veggie now for 27 years, unless you count my recent lapse at the Royal Hants Hospital Costa's where ...

  10. Spring flowers

    I can see I'm going to have to bring Mr Spanky out again to you boys! I thin that the Vegetarian Crispy Duck as served by mine most excellent host at my local takeaway (the towerblocks of Fulflood rem...