13 Apr 2011
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  2. The comeback week 36...seriously this training lark really hurts

    46x20, you say JS? Is that easier on the knees/hills than 42x16 - I have absolutely no idea about these things! And why on earth did you have a saddlebag full of tools/mudguards surely a pink Nokia 10...

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  4. Wireless cycling computer

    Lets just say I'm a techno-klutz Wuv! A man of simple pleasures; a Doro non-smart phone, a pink (natch) Casio watch from those esteemed horologists at Argoze, a super comfy pair of £7.99 bTwin shorts...

  5. Wireless cycling computer

    Wires are waaaaaay cool TMC - all the pro's have them (just circa 1992!) Lord alone knows why I bought a second Micro wireless, perhaps I was hoping that Big Juan my trusty footman would have better l...

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  7. Wireless cycling computer

    Wuv, you are a very, very naughty boy! The Cateye Micro Wireless and it's Look it up on the Tintyweb Instructions are the Devil's Own Work! I've thrown two of them across the garage floor, the footman...

  8. Wireless cycling computer

    It might of helped if I'd added that the functions are: speedo, odometer, ave mph, max mph and total riding time. Tragically, it's not available in pink...

  9. Wireless cycling computer

    TMC, my heart, with characteristic frugality, I got the RSP 5 function wired computer for the princely sum of £3.95 off A****n (other online stores are available!) It was a breeze to fit/calibrate (h...

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