13 Apr 2011
  1. Seat clamp size for alloy frame

    Wuv, my heart, in spite of being the proud possesor of a pair of unblemished Schwalbe Marathon Plus, a p*******e is that terrible hissing sound that you get 'down below'. The p-word fairy (a distant r...

  2. Stage 19 Giro d'Italia 29/5

    Aaaaaaaaand they're into the final corner, the sprinters are 'licking their lips' (c) the fabulous Hugh Porter and it's Carlos Betancur Leopold Konig Cheers Wuv

  3. Stage 18 Giro d'Italia 28/5

    Maintaining my rich vein of fine form.... Leopold Konig Murillo Fischer Ciao Bellisima, Nob

  4. Seat clamp size for alloy frame

    Yes Wuv, I'd go for the 31.8mm, tightened up to a torque of no greater than 14.3 newtons..... Who am I kidding, I don't even mend my own p*******s!

  5. Log your bike ride - here!

    'Interesting migrants' haha well said Wuv. You also win today's Well Spotted That Bunny Award.- the Test Valley SAM's ride was indeedy last weekend (when I was 'treading the illustrious boards of the ...

  6. The comeback week 26...Halfway House...or 'The point of no retur

    Ah, JS, What does a leisure cyclist wear? Well, round here, it's a beard (compulsory for both sexes) 1950's khaki shorts, some sort of hi'viz tabard and, la piece de la resistance, socks and sandals. ...

  7. Log your bike ride - here!

    Sorry to hear about the knee TMC, perhaps me and Mrs Nobby could come up and rub it better. Mind you, she does have rather rough, 'welders hands'. Strange woman really..... What are you going to do ab...

  8. Log your bike ride - here!

    Spent a fab day in the beautiful Test Valley doing the 50mile SAM's ride. Only 3 'en pied' moments but managed a 13.1 average in spite of one pub stop and tea and crumpets in a cosy 'tea room' (missus...

  9. Word Association

    Who (me dear, gay dear, no dear. Mrs Nobby, on the other hand....)

  10. Word Association

    (This whole forum's gone to) Pot!