13 Apr 2011
  1. Vuelta Stage 11

    Whoopsie, Gessink, Kelderman (natch!)

  2. Vuelta Stage 10

    Whoops, Martin T, Froome, Brian

  3. Vuelta Stage 12

    Whoopsie, chose 3! Kennaugh Bouhanni please.

  4. Vuelta Stage 12

    Kennaugh Bouhanni Martin Tony

  5. Vuelta Stage 11

    Gesink Kelderman Uran

  6. Vuelta Stage 10

    Martin Tony Kelderman Wilco Froome Brian

  7. Mudguards

    Personally, I'm a big fan of the (pink) AssSaver but enough about the wife.... Seriously though, not a bad replacement for a rear guard.

  8. Vuelta Stage 5

    Wuv, you naughty boy, you know I'm quite capable of beating myself..... ask the wife!

  9. Vuelta Stage 5

    Yay!!! I appear to be joint first - this is scored like BBC's 'Pointless', right?

  10. Word Association

    X ray (Spex, 'Oh Bondage, Up Yours')