06 Apr 2009
RiTMO Rating
11.2 lapsed
  1. Anyone Had Frame warranty Issues?

    I have an Orbea however my LBS no longer stocks them in favour of a different brand. It used to have the complete range, but due to long supply delay issues and them getting a bad rep from customers t...

  2. Most comfy shorts

    Got to be Assos S5 for me, closely followed by my Etxeondo Orhi ones. I would never ever pay full price for either brand, but at half price they were a massive bargain.

  3. Comments off Joe Public

    A lot of people knowing I rode a bike asked if I went up there to watch it. I think they were surprised that I had a 100 mile round trip bike ride to get there! One thing that did hit me was the numbe...

  4. Insurance

    I have a travel policy through AXA(bundled Lloyds Bank a/c) which covers the bike as a non named item and a home contents including new for old accidental damage to bike (named item) through Co-Op. Co...

  5. Yellow Bikes

    Lock them to lamposts in the big cities and the thieving toerags will soon have them.

  6. Who'll be watching in the next three days?

    Riding to Holme Moss from Nottingham on Sunday. Should be a giggle.

  7. How to remove Look Keo Carbon Pedals

    I use a short BBB torque wrench, so flipping the tab ensures you have it going the correct way. Put the chain on the big ring if you've got tight pedals too! I slipped once and sent the chainring thr...

  8. Shimano Wheels

    I have RS80s and 6700 / 6800 wheels. All very good and very impressed with them.

  9. Brake issue with RS80 wheels

    I have RS80 wheels and had juddering issues with harder (Ultegra/no brand) brake pads. I now use Swisstop Green and Black pads with Ultegra 6700 calipers/105 5700 levers and have no issues. If you onl...

  10. Log your bike ride - here!

    Quite a short ride on Sunday as a tribute to Tommy Godwin - http://www.raleigh.co.uk/TommyGodwin205/Here is the route and was ridden with 10 other EPIC riders from West Bridgford Cycle Club - Notting...

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