03 Sep 2008
United Kingdom
  1. Cycling Shoes

    I have size 11 wide feet and have succumbed in the past to buying a larger size to get the width. My most recent shoes were specialised body geometry mtb shoes at around £130. Did a 200k ride in them...

  2. Cycle Computer

    Smartphones which can do ANT+ are listed here.   Scroll down to get to the phones section.  I've been using a Sony Xperia Z Ultra with ipbike ...

  3. GPS device

    You should also look at bike applications on smartphones.  I use an android app called ipbike.  I get about 6 hours run time which is plenty for my type of riding.  The full ipbike app costs £5 wi...

  4. Crankset Upgrade

    I'd strongly recommend trying to get a 6603 rather than a 6703.  The reason for this is that the 6703 has a larger BCD for the inner ring and so can only take a minimum of a 30 tooth chainring.  The...