Kevin Watson

15 Nov 2013
United Kingdom
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Big man loving cycling and trying to trim up

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    Didn't feel like a ride yesterday. A rubbish night shift followed by one hour's sleep will do that ! Felt much better today so once the missus had got home I went out for an hour. Lovely day and not m...

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    31 Miles today. Had a bit of wine last night so felt tired at the start but that soon went. Absolutely stunning day and no wind to speak of. Short sleeved top (one of the cheap ones from Lidl) and fel...

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  5. Log your bike ride - here!

    Bit more time today so managed a longer ride.  Conditions were just about perfect. Not much breeze and warm but not too warm. My long sleeved jersey was probably a bit too much but it wasn't uncomfor...

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    Short on time again today (as ever) as we were looking around nursery schools for our baby, as the missus' maternity leave is ending soon. Got home in decent time tho so headed out for a quick 20 mile...

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  9. The next challenge in the CW.CC schedule asks you to take on the full distance of all four cobbled classics combined.

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    First ride since Saturday. Hadn't had much sleep so didn't expect much from this hour and purposely didn't have the Garmin on the main computer screen and just used the ride to keep the legs turning. ...

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