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Greatest Bike of all time...??!!

From the review of this weeks comic it shows the 'Greatest bike of all time' as....

Old Faithful :rolleyes:

Really?? you sure about this! if that's correct,then why aint we all riding one...

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    Mad chemist, you are missing the point by miles!!!! It's a great bike. Ticks all the boxes. Why?
    The design was by a modern day genius, Graeme Obree's determination, drive, single-bloody-mindedness to be the best in the world (on a shoestring budget may I add) is a story that inspired a movie. The bike was a big part of that success story - Homegrown, home built, and using parts he could find cheaply that would meet his design thoughts to be aerodynamic and cut down the frontal area that hit's the wind. I was lucky to be a very small part of that, as a supplier to his local bike shop.
    It's a great bike because it's Inspirational, Iconic, Inspired and won the odd world record...... Against another great rider, a certain Mr Boardman who had massive financial backing by comparison.
    Why ain't we riding one? Because the UCI banned it, it wouldn't be safe on the roads (track world records remember) and there is only one 'Old Faithful'

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    Graeme Obree, what a story of determination, I loved the film! I wouldn't want the bike for riding the roads though. I'm a bit of an old faithful myself (well that's what the wife calls me) but I do like the modern road bicycles; and I love riding my Cube and Ridley bikes.
    Best Bike? it's a matter of opinion.

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    Best bike=The next one you need!!

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    bfergie Best bike=The next one you need!!

    "need" or "desire"?

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    Or the one you just bought

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    Mad chemist, you are missing the point by miles!!!! It's a great bike. Ticks all the boxes

    Yes Buzz it is a great bike,and i agree with Graemes success story..i've got the documentory they did on him and Boardmans different goes at the hour... but does it tick all the boxes? It was designed for the one job.I couldn't imagine trying to use one on the road,and i'm sure that 'ski' position would suit only a very few people.. so i'm not sure it's the Greatest bike of all time.. but,hey,what do i know :)

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    Colnago C40 was a great bike.

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    No probs madchemist, everyone has a view. The lotus bike would no doubt be up there too, I haven't seen the article yet.

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