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Tour Cycliste International du Haut Var on streaming TV

for all the Tommy Voeckler fans Saturday at 3pm UK time Sunday at 2pm. Trailer on the site now

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    Cheers for that Dang..

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    thanks Dang

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    Classement des 10 premiers :
    1. HARDY Romain en 4h47'10"
    2. KORETZKY Clent m.t.
    3. TIERNAN-LOCKE Jonathan 10"
    4. GALLAND Jie
    5. CLARKE Simon
    6. VOECKLER Thomas
    7. ROJAS GIL Jose Joaquin
    9. SIMON Julien
    10. DOWNING Russell
    and a great route for Jonathan tomorrow!

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    JTL magnificent with the climb ahead
    Think I just watched the first British winner of the Tour de France!

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    Just watched the 10 min clip on Velonation, JTL was indeed brilliant on that final climb.
    Very well done JTL..

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