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La Doyenne this Sunday.

Lie - Bastogne - Lie 2012 (WT)
Belgium / 22 April
Edition: 98

Race info here:


Provisional start list here:


2 riders please by 9.30am BST Sunday remembering to differentiate between the Schlecks, Van ders and Vandens.

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    Philippe Gilbert
    Ryder Hesjedal

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    Pip Gilbery
    Jo Rodriguez

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    Phil Gilbert,
    J Rod,


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    lot of people thinking Gilbert's form will peak for sunday, so....i'll go for
    F Shleck
    Joaquin Rodriguez

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    Interesting Saladane with Shrek the Elder - The Inner Ring blog reminded me that the Shreks had given Pip Gilbert a sedan ride almost all the way

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    Frank & Andy Schlek .
    Come on Bro !

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    F Schleck

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    Simon Gerrans
    Phil Gil

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    Philippe Gilbert
    Thomas Voeckler

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