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      Evening all

      Some of those leprechauns are very hot.

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      Word Association


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      Tour de France route

      Yeah me too johnstac, I' washing my hair (I'll be looking for it first, obviously!)

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      Tour of Beijing

      MsTree Thanks Larry and Cliff who started off this year's predictions.  My thanks also

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      National Hill Climb This looks a lot like the hill they went up in the Tour de France back in July but I could be wro...

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      Thinking of buying a Dunlop?

      £90 does seem like a bargain for such a good bike. I wonder if lynxpaw will sell her Pinarello and get one instead, we'd be rich.

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      I've never found turbo training to be easy.. i get bored very quickly.The only turbo that has kept me interested is the Tacx virtual reality imagic..but..and this is a big but.. the software is VERY f...

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      13 ways to increase your average cycling speed.

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      Canyon service

      My son in law had no problem getting his Canyon.  That was almost two years ago.  

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      Early Season Event Cheshire Mini Sportive

      well done ruthie enjoy it

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      BC log

      Can I somehow transfer my "mileage log" off BC website to RiTMO? Apart from manually. Obviously. 

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    1. Add & add detail button not fully working

      Thanks for reporting Simon, I've alerted the tech team