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      Hey,..Nice to know about all of you. Shoofi

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      Word Association


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      Jumble Sale

      Good stuff. I might try and get there this time.

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      Paris-Tours 11/10/15

      It's good you're back. And scoring as strongly as ever. I should probably do a league total up. I think we know who's going to win. I think I'll leave it until this is finished for the year. Chrono d...

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      Yorkshire 3 peaks cyclocross

      Thought I should mention, fantastic weekend and I only watched. The fit men/women are a league above all of us. Must be one the hardest races in the world. Wouldn't recommend to a friend unless your s...

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      Campagnolo Brake Pads

      That's good to hear Big.. well..good for you.. but it looks like i must've got a duff set of pads

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      Diabetes & Fitness

      Hi Steve im type 1 diabetic and cycle quite often, about 100 -150 miles per week.  i have found that for me to perform ok i need to get my blood suger levels to about 12mmol before going out on a rid...

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    1. Perfecting a circuit ride

      Riding a closed circuit, the aim (given no one else on the track) would be to ride the most efficient line each lap, but would your style change over the time riding? For example, would you say stay s...

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      Hi everyone, now we are heading towards the mucky end of the year I'm treating myself to a Boardman CX COMP for work and leisure. I've only read great reviews about it. Does anyone out there own one ...

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      BHF London to Milton Keynes bike ride - Sat 10th October

      Well done on a great ride and well done on the money you raised. And as for a boarman hybrid fantastic bikes and i own a bordman team road bike and i love it and wouldnt be without it lol

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    1. Is Ritmo anti-social???

      I love the idea of getting a score now & again, but it penalises the sociable coffee stop so badly I end up carving my gpx files in half - which is a faff. I agree that four hours solid is harder ...

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      Slow Forum

      It's a worry, certainly.