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    1. Resigned


      Welcome all her i am just join this site and new here,.I want to say hi to all here in this forum site its great site to learn about fitness and health,.I can find this forum very informative and want...

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      Word Association


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      Bath hit-and-run driver sentenced to three years for death of Ja

      Don't  seem like justice to me! Human life is worth nothing to some?   It's a bloody disgrace..

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      World ITT

      Tony Martin Boudat Thomas Time: 59, minutes 40, seconds  

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    1. winter bikes

      These people that shun a proper winter bike are either rich and can afford to run decent kit into the ground, or they're just poseurs. what's your viewson the subject?

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    1. Club Roost

      I just had a look at buyabike on facebook and by all accounts Maxgear have been ripping it up with these wheels this year so they can't be that bad.... "Photos of this years Maxgear/Champion System/Cl...

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      800 miles in four days...

      If you do manage it (and good luck!) get your rides posted here... The Tommy Godwin Challenge Personally, I seem to find about 150 miles my limit. I think it's very psychological after that. Well that...

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      Rheumatoid arthritis

      2014, has been my worse year for any form of exercise!   Cycling has been hit-n-miss,  old injuries and wear and tear on joints are taking it's toll;  I kept execising by swimming until the advanc...

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      Read lots of horror stories about Dave Hinde. Wouldn't touch 'em with a barge pole.

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      If only I were fit enough

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      RiTMO Validation Outside of the UK

      Cliff Matthews But whatever the equation is, it doesn't take the weather into account. I have always said: "all PR's and KOM's converge to wind aided times!"     

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    1. Have to log in every time

      I keep having to log in again via my iPhone and when I do it says that I am using the incorrect username or password but at the bottom of the info box it says I am already logged in. Very frustrating....