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      Hello from Saladane

      I'm back with my old profile, thanks to fat controller. How's everyone doing? Who's been proping up the race predictions league? I'm guessing Froome and Contadors withdrawals hit a few peoples points ...

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    1. 'The comeback' - week 9...'Walk the the talk...

      Well an interesting week all round this time! Uncle Geoff has been busy on the taxi's, so I reckoned that I may get 'the jump' on him training... The first two sessions in the gym nearly killed me! Th...

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    1. Gary Dighton

      Sad news - Gary was a member of Manchester Wheelers in their 'great days'. He won the 1990 BBAR, held the 25 comp record - 48.07 in 1991 and was a Barcelona Olympian in 1992. Love and sympathy to his ...

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      2015 Table

      Tour Down Under fisban                143 AlanR                74 larry_grayson     64 TroyUK              64 MsTree              6 Mostyn...

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    1. New bike advice. S-Works, Tarmac, Trek?

      hey, there, why not have a look at light carbon bike with customized service   maybe check here to see if anything suitable

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      New wheels for 85kg rider

      Track wheels,Nobby? I didn't know you had your own velodrome! I've heard of Halo wheels and they seem to get good reviews from what i can see on the interweb.. not exactly light,but what do you expect...

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    1. Riding and Running, how to make it work!

      Hi, has anyone tried to train for cycling and running events at the same time?  I've been trying to maintain my riding training while trying to introduce some running, but it's all gone a bit pete to...

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      13 ways to increase your average cycling speed.

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      About my road wheels

      Hi Brittany, it would be great if you can share more info to be helpful , otherwise it`s like an ad there with carbon bike parts Best ,Lowest and the website.

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      Cycle California

      Cycle California (5th - 19th October 2015) Take part in our Cycle California challenge for 2015. You will cycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles taking in the beautiful scenery of the West Coast of A...

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    1. RiTMO app problem on iPhone

      Hi david, sorry, there's an issue there so we're aiming to get an updated release that fixes this into the app store end of next week.

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    1. old profile back

      I've PMd you. ;)