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      Hi everybody,

      Is Ukraine a safe place for cycle touring at present? It used to be in the news here but we haven't heard much about the conflict there recently.

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      Word Association

      Sensimilia (one for all you Peter Tosh fans out there....)

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      Porte's 2 minute penalty

      I suspect the rule's been in the book for a time, no excuse really. Shame though, begs the question where were his team mates and car ?

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    1. Stage 14 Giro d'Italia 23/5

      dario cataldo and richie porte 73 minutes 28 seconds

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      lack of races

      Yes it's a bad situation on the race front. To think we have 2 victories in the T de F and very little racing available at the top level let alone at the lower levels of our sport. Policing is a probl...

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      Tyre Choice

      Lithion 2's on one set of wheels Black & Red - next time Black and Grey!   Conti 4000s on best wheels.  and for winter wheels I bought some Zafiro Pro's 25mm   nice tyre to ride on.

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    1. Riding and Running, how to make it work!

      Yes, Both things can be done but we need a good tranier.In the beginner everything is not easy but with the passage of time we start over come on it.  

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      Road mountain camp in French Alps - survey

      Hi everyone with an ex-pro friend, we're building up a company in Megeve, France, located at 1 hour of Geneva Airport. This company will help you during your training camp : quality of hotels, technic...

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      Student bike light project

      I like the idea...You can already get lights that illuminate front and back.. they fit in the ends of the drops and i was tempted to get some ,but they get terrible reviews as they are very unreliable...

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    1. British Heart Foundation Ride of the Roses

      The British Heart Foundation have added a 100 mile bike ride from Lancaster to York on 12th September. Starting at the university of Cumbria 06:30 - 08:00 finisihing at York Racecourse by 18:00. Water...

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    1. RITMO not calculating

      The backfill is whirring away. Estimated it will take until end Monday to update all the rides...

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      seems this forum has gone downhill since they revampted the site shame really..