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    1. Hi everybody,

      I wouldn't try that. OMG! housse xperia e3 etui nexus 9

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      Word Association


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      Cycle Auction

      It now also includes 3 sets of wheels 2 Lightweights and a pair of Envies (is the spelling right on this?) Have a look at the website and also try to come down and see the auction- it promises to be o...

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      Points and poitions after the San Sebastian Classic 1/8/15

      The league after San Sebastian It's much the same but I like to keep this thing updated. fizban 1866 TroyUK 1594 wuverley 1439 Mostyn 1259 MsTree 1096 fozzie 500 766 stvn 710 NobbyK 671 larry_grayson ...

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      Stage 19 Nibali cheats?

      Yes, nibali done good, I didn't think he'd beat Contador. Although they both under performed compared to Froome and Quintana who were both at the top of their respective games. And Valverde was except...

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      Wireless cycling computer

      I never said I was a 'sane person' Wuv, I'm more your 'fab-u-lous' sort of fellow. Mind you, I did spend 5 1/2 months at the old Park Prewett. It made me the man I am today. Not sure what had the same...

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      Riding with Asthma

      Cheers Mo, any Northern remedies for my aching Southern Softy Grapes greatly appreceated. I wonder if ODing on Preparation H counts as a PED!

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    1. Rheumatoid arthritis

      Hi all, once again reading this ,makes me determined to get back to where i was before Prostate woes!! inspirational all you guys!!  (and btw, I`m a Viet-Nam vet,including wounds!) makes me feel very...

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      Student bike light project

      I like the idea...You can already get lights that illuminate front and back.. they fit in the ends of the drops and i was tempted to get some ,but they get terrible reviews as they are very unreliable...

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    1. The Wirral?

      Cavern is easy to get to especialy if you combine it with a 'Ferry cross the Mersey.' Couldn't resist that one. The original Cavern club was across the road from where the current one is. Did you know...

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      Why no Ritmo ride score?

      Please refresh my memory. I've been using CW.CC for 2-3 years now, and I notice that most often, there is no Ritmo score for my rides, regardless of whether I've used a power meter equipped bike or no...

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      My doodah's dropped off!

      What's more mysterious is why a few of us got our doo dahs dropped, and some didn't. If I was a conspiracy theorist, well, I'd believe in conspiracy theories.