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    Log your bike ride - here!

    Two rides so far.. 25miler on Friday in the gloom.Actually set out to do a quick 15,as rain was forecast,but as i got to the turn-off i saw a cyclist ahead turning down the road i use to get to Congle...

  2. Add & add detail button not fully working

    Thanks for reporting Simon, I've alerted the tech team

  3. Thinking of buying a Dunlop?

    I bought a Dunlop DS26 mountain bike brand new for £90 which I've had now for 5 months.  I think it's a great bike!  Yes it's heavy but when you add the weight of an 85kg rider then saving 4 or 5kg...

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    Cycle Computer

    I think that there should be a straight, no GPS heart rate app somewhere.

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    How Would You Clean Up Cycling?

    Cleaning up Cycling Part Two.  When I was at Junior School back in the 1850"s (I'm a martyr to Oil of Ulay and me piles you know) if someone forgot their PE kit they had to do it in their vest and pa...

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    Wiggle customer relations?

    Hi Roger try 01324 314212 for Wiggle.

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    iPhone Mount

    Something to think about, but I do like the simplicity of being able to use the Ritmo app directly to upload to the server. I don't know about GPS device upload, but I know I get speed and altitude da...

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    Word Association


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    Canyon service

    My son in law had no problem getting his Canyon.  That was almost two years ago.  

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    Urban Cycling Priorities

    Couldn't get the link to work Hugh, it may of course be me and my jelly bean fuelled cheapy tablet.....

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