1. Bicycle saddle bags for touring

    The both is very good but i like the most beautiful is the red one.

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    Word Association


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    Stage 18 Giro d'Italia 28/5

    Carlos Betancur Diego Ulissi Ta

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    What the hell is it called and where... I get it from? Hi folks, in the image is a part that is slowly rounding when I secure it (to 40Nm!) and I would like to get a new one. Any ideas where I can get this from and what it's called?...

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    Stage 17 Giro d'Italia 27/5

    I ALMOST had more when Hansen went off but unfortunately he got caught!

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    Replacement Frame

    My two pennorth on the Campy vs Shimano thing.  On a classic Italian frame like the one you've bought it just cries out for Campagnolo.  Ultegra is great (I've owned the 9 speed Octalink version in ...

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    Seat clamp size for alloy frame

    Sorry Wuv.. i've never had a Specialized bike,or deep drop brakes.. and know nothing about fairies.. apart from the tooth fairy failed to turn up after i had a tooth out on friday.. I thought that wit...

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    My doodah's dropped off!

    Hmmm, just noticed that Wuv and my picture icons have disappeared. Is it, mayhaps, that our pictures are TOO GLAMOUROUS! On the other hand, it could be my cheapo tablets taken to censoring my fizog in...

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    Log your bike ride - here!

    Solo ride today, still cold though, what's going on ?

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    RITMO not calculating

    Lots of mine not updated yet but I appreciate you're working your way through.

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