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    Paris-Tours 11/10/15

    It's good you're back. And scoring as strongly as ever. I should probably do a league total up. I think we know who's going to win. I think I'll leave it until this is finished for the year. Chrono d...

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    Word Association


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    The comeback week extra bit...

    Is that naughty boy BIG playing up again? I can see I'm going to have to take him in hand! Was the girl riding the Red Hook in Urban Cyclist, Juliet Elliot Jon? She's got an amazing blog/web page 'bik...

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    Log your bike ride - here!

    36 miles on a truncated Sam's Test Valley Ride Route (one of the Mrs Nobby's lives in Chilbolton - awash with malevololent hoodies, pawn shops and burger joints!) Beautiful scenery, after one, frankly...

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    Bike modifications

    Well said Sir Nobby...but what about the wife?...

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    BHF London to Milton Keynes bike ride - Sat 10th October

    Well done on a great ride and well done on the money you raised. And as for a boarman hybrid fantastic bikes and i own a bordman team road bike and i love it and wouldnt be without it lol

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    Campagnolo Brake Pads

    That's good to hear Big.. well..good for you.. but it looks like i must've got a duff set of pads

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    The comeback - week 45...'They think it's all over!'...well near

    Oh well after my attempt at 'paddling' up the Standing Stones at Macc Forest I did another ride up Artists lane at Alderley and what with all this 'intense' training...went 30 odd seconds...Slower!!.....

  9. Perfecting a circuit ride

    Riding a closed circuit, the aim (given no one else on the track) would be to ride the most efficient line each lap, but would your style change over the time riding? For example, would you say stay s...

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    just built a new set of disc brake wheels for my trek domane disc, bought everything from just ridding along in sheffield. was going to use hope hubs but after seeing there own jra hubs and price £14...

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