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    Word Association


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    Price increase?

    We've now got a Waitrose a mile from where we live. It used to be a Co-op but this area is so classy now we get a Waitrose instead. If you pick up a copy of that filth NobbyK mentioned you get money o...

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    Gent-Wevelgem 29/3/15

    Personally, I'd love to be related to Wuv. I'm not doing anything next Saturday.....

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    A RESULT NAME Please.

    Er, well I could but the races I'm scoring here have been widely reported elsewhere on the internet, including, usually, on this website. I can post a link if I remember. Will that help? I don't real...

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    2015 Table after Gent-Wevelgem

    Positions and points after Gent-Wevelgem fizban 512 larry_grayson 476 TroyUK 431 MsTree 409 Mostyn 373 wuverley 213 NobbyK 177 AlanR 74 lynxpaw 20. Fizban remains off the front. The main group all sc...

  6. The comeback week 18...sick boy returns, so the mirth and laught

    Yep...the virus continues. Coughed up more infected gunt this week than last, but at least played the benifit for 'Big Bob' who sadly passed away last year. He was the bands 1st bass player and a memb...

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    Log your bike ride - here!

    9 out this morning but nothing special as it all got a bit wet and one guy's chain broke.

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    Advice please: Ridgeback Speed vs. Giant ALight 3 vs. Raleigh St

    A colluage has a very similar looking Giant (a couple of year old model) and is happy with it riding a similar distance comute.

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    Road bikes different to mountain bikes. A bit like this one  

  10. Riding and Running, how to make it work!

    Yup, I am getting a training for triathlon and it includes swimming, running and cycling. You can also get detail view by reading few triathlon race reviews. May be it will solve your problem.

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