1. Hello from Saladane

    Thought I'd say hello. I'm fairly new to road riding (just under a year now), but have been riding mountain bikes for a while. Would be interested to see if there's anyone out and about in Dorset who ...

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    Word Association


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    Tour de France route

    Yeah me too johnstac, I' washing my hair (I'll be looking for it first, obviously!)

  4. return to cycling after knee surgery

    Last year I rode up Ventoux twice in a weekend to watch the Tour, 124 days after my second total knee replacement. Having a goal was a vital part of the rehab, and beginning the physio well before an ...

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    Winter Bike Suggestions

    As in build one?

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    Log your bike ride - here!

    This Morning's Ride...

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    Tour of Beijing

    MsTree Thanks Larry and Cliff who started off this year's predictions.  My thanks also

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    Wheels for Paris-Roubaix

    Ones that your frame has clearance for :-) Did the VC Roubaix version in June and rode with 25mm Schwable Marthin Plus's  and double wrapped bar tape and was ok. Was glad they had a hose pipe at Arn...

  9. Loose Spokes

    Cheers Mostyn and Rob. Quite happy with the result.

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    Lycra louts causing pollution in Biggin Hill !

    There are event signs that have been up near here for over a year. However no-one must object to them as no-one ever takes them down.

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