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    Changing brake positions

    Depending on the length they've been cut to you will probably have to switch the outer cables on the bars which will involve unwrapping the bartape.  You might get lucky and they're long enough, in w...

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    New Road rider

    Here it is. 

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    Word Association


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    Hi DJK, if you do follow the One True Path as suggested by the Most Reverend Jon Slidewell, I can seriously recommend the Miche Xpress wheelset for singlespeed/fixed/cycling loveliness. They're deep s...

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    Log your bike ride - here!

    They are to blame, surely

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    The Comeback where has it all gone?

    Ricardo sounds like  a splendid fellow JS, he's not currently a Gentlemen's Manfellow at present purchance. I'd be quite lost without Eduardo, we met in Cockermouth as it happens, or was it on the Wo...

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    Wilkinson Wheels

    Decided to get my 1970 bike out for winter.However, the wheels are tubs  and I want to go over to clinchers and the gear block is screw on. So I need wheels with a screw on freewheel. Saw that Wilkin...

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    Alf Engers photography exhibition

    Legend is the word!...Put simply Engers is the man! Sub 50 mins in the 1970's for a 25m tt? It took a good 15 years for the late great Pete Lomgbottom to break that record with clipless pedals, aero h...

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    Planet Rock

    As i listen to Planet Rock at work,and they are doing a sponsored bike ride,i thought i'd give them a plug here to see if anyone wants to help..

  10. Round the beat cycling event 2016

    Type of event: Cycling  When: Sunday 3rd July Location: Wetherby Sports Association Event background Entering its 4th year in partnership with the Jane Tomlinson Appeal, ‘Round the Beat’ is a fun...

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