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    iPhone Mount

    Quad Lock do a decent mount for the iPhone and it has great reviews. They are about £45 though so a tad on the expensive side.

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    Word Association


  3. Problems with locking bikes up

    I'm another one of those pesky design students and would be great if you could tell me what really bugs you all about the whole process of locking up a bike. From carrying the lock on your bike, to th...

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    Log your bike ride - here!

    tmc, you should have gone down that road there are some lovely lanes down there and you can work your way round to sandbach station and down to wheelock via hind heath road or miss sandbach altogether...

  5. Add & add detail button not fully working

    Just tried it now and it's working as it should. Great work tech guys. Many thanks. Simon

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    How Would You Clean Up Cycling?

    On Facebook you can subscribe free, gratis and for nothing to a campaigning group called 38 Degrees who organise online petitions about naughty politicians and other silly old frackers. Perhaps we sho...

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    Check Out New British Clothing Brand: Blackmore Apparel

    Check out these guys launching their new British cycling clothing brand; Blackmore Apparel, cool stuff. link here:

  8. Cycle London-Cannes next June

    I'm seeking six more riders.DateMay 31 2015, then riding into Cannes on the Friday 5th. RouteAll I've done at this point is a Google Maps car route avoiding motorways, which gives 820 miles. SupportI ...

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    feeling sorry for myself give me pity

    Thanks,that'd be really useful. If it's a pretty thorough bikefit then i'd rather ride down to Rourkes than have to pack the bike and drive to Burton. (I could ride to Burton,but the bike is causing m...

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    Thinking of buying a Dunlop?

    £90 does seem like a bargain for such a good bike. I wonder if lynxpaw will sell her Pinarello and get one instead, we'd be rich.

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