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    Wireless cycling computer

    That's the same as my Astrale,Wuv. Just looked at a pdf of the instructions for the latest version,and it looks like you just press 2 buttons... also the installation looks pretty straightforward,so i...

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    Tour of Poland 2/8/15-8/8/15

    kwiatkowski kittel aru  

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    San Sebastian Classic 1/8/15

    Well it was a small field who contested this one. And none of us picked the winner, well done Adam Yates, fantastic result. Our result was like this fozzie 500 0 NobbyK 12 TroyUK 25 wuverley 35 MsTree...

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    Log your bike ride - here!

    Decent cafe run today, glad to be back at it.

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    Word Association


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    10/11 speed chainset

    indeed it is lol

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    Tour de France 2015 final results

    Thanks everyone  

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    Ahead vs Quill stem

    Thanks Wuv.. I got the gears set up at Rourkes and they've always done a good job with my gears,as it's about the only thing i've not got the hang of... but everyone makes mistakes,so i've taken a pho...

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    Sizing is very individual to each manufacturer but these days many of them work on small, medium, large and extra large rather than using the size of the seat tube.  Your shop will advise you.  You ...

  10. The extra bit and some advice pleeeze...

    Trying hard to keep to the training regime - but due to the rain last night I opted for half an hour on the old turbo trainer and then some weights and sit ups. My neighbour 'Mad Mike' decided to keep...

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