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    Log your bike ride - here!

    Two more rides.. The 20miler up through Congleton and back on Saturday,with a coffee stop off at a friends,where on re-starting i noticed my bottle cage had snapped in the middle.. I'd had an annoying...

  2. The comeback - Week 10...and so it snows...

    Since the last report I had achieved nothing until this Thursday. Had a text from Uncle Geoff saying he'd cycled over 500 miles at the weekend - after falling over I re - read the text and it actually...

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    Word Association


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    Thanks Dang, I've already looked on Retro bike; couldn't find anything suitable at a bargain price.   Appreciate your help though..  

  5. North East Women Riders

    Bit of a punt this, Houghton CC are keen to develop a womens branch to their club. We have two coaches that are able to assist in getting you on the right track. There is very little in club developm...

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    'The comeback' - week 9...'Walk the the talk...

    You didn't get a smack from the Follically Challenged guy then?  love the stories!

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    I also like Top-Gear; well sort of?   I liked the rival Fith-Gear on the Commercial Chanel.  They had everyday cars on there, with genuine testing of a working mans runabout!    I've read some of ...

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    Dubai Tour

    Alejandro Valverde   Mark Cavendish   just two riders?

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    where is david harmon

    Suffering from depression, so am I, Kirbys making my ears bleed, come on David, break cover and give some relief 

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    Which Bike.

    I'd like to see you try Mow Cop Killer mile on your single speed Nobby.. I'd recommend Forme hybrids.. I have the Al Fresco and it's a cracking bike.. shimano gears and hydraulic disc brakes.I've set ...

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