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    Tour de France 2015

    Tutti apologia Wuv, i've not been feeling myslf lately, I'm a silly old bugger! Or any combintion of those words, in that case Romain Bardet, Rafal Majdka, Nacer Bouhanni Haha, the moneys all mine, mi...

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    The comeback week 31...getting there...slowly but surely...softl

    Good stuff. Keep it up. If you're enjoying it.

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    Word Association


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    As Mike the Bike, said on the wheelsuckers forum, if I dare mention its name in this august forum, 'My God, the heat, the sand, the flies....' I think he was talking about his 65 mile ride round the I...

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    Log your bike ride - here!

    Out after work (and dentist) today, nice and warm but still breezy.

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    GB National Road Race Championships 28/6/15

    Great! i'll wear it with pride and i'll give the v's to some" rules" spouting hipsters!

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    Points and poitions after the GB Championships 28/6/15

    After crowning fozzie 500 as the British National champion I thought I'd better update this table. So here it is. fizban 1277 TroyUK 1078 wuverley 982 Mostyn 958 MsTree 755 NobbyK 535 larry_grayson 47...

  8. Dauphine ..

    Guess we might have to wait till next weekend for the answer.   

  9. DHB kit

    Chance to win some DHB kit by clicking through to this link. Good luck  

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    GB National Time Trial 25/6/15

    Yep, c'est la vie. There's always another race. On Sunday

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