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    Log your bike ride - here!

    Today's Ride...

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    Word Association


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    winter bib tights

    The Altura range is pretty long in the leg  I bought the small size and I'm a 34in, inside leg.

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    Early Season Event Cheshire Mini Sportive

    well done ruthie enjoy it

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    Winter Bike Suggestions

    Glad you love the new Felt Big. Mrs Nobby has hammered the s**t out of hers for the last two years and given it scant good lovin' (rather like our wedding day!) She runs hers with a pink AssSaver, but...

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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the Forum P.C.C.     As an ex, AA coach,  I always found that preperation of a training programme; needed to suit the Athlete your writing the programme for.   There are however basc tr...

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    Have to log in every time

    Cue tumbleweed.......

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    Worth Watching - Best Ad I've Seen.

    This is a must see,   Honda Commercial..    I watched it several times it's really clever.   Here's a Link>> 

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    Charity rides

    Get your point Morgan, mind you I couldn't run for a bus.....

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    National Hill Climb This looks a lot like the hill they went up in the Tour de France back in July but I could be wro...

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