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    Bicycle saddle bags for touring

    I like both of them; but would have a lightweight rack for supporting the bag.   I've been looking for a BROWN-ish  coloured saddle bag or a very dark Green saddle bag for an old retro bike.. Would ...

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    Word Association


  3. New IOS app problem

    Anyone else update the RITMO app and have some problems with it? Mine has dumped every ride, so for this year I have now logged a grand total of five rides! What happened to the rest of them may I enq...

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    Spring flowers

    Coming back to the advert, I wouldn't mind if it was The Jam. But the "sweet" cover is annoying. I'm trying to think of something that either Sham69 or the UKSubs could be used to advertise. Beer? We'...

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    Tour of Romandie 28/4/15-3/5/15

    Froome.   Quintana.   Pinot Thibaut.   TTT  Sky  20, minutes 45, seconds  

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    I was suggesting other people google this, I'm much too reserved.

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    Anyone fancy doing the Tour de Yorkshire?

    Does anyone want to run this? Or predict it? What do you think?

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    The comeback week 22 - 'You try riding a bike in cowboy boots!'

    Cowboy boots! On a bike! That's ridiculous! Mind you, I'm often the subject of much gaiety myself, what with the chaps and the ten gallon hat! Yee-hah.....

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    2015 Table after Liege-Bastogne-Liege

    Points and positions after Liege-Bastogne-Liege fizban 632 TroyUK 581 MsTree 506 larry_grayson 476 Mostyn 418 wuverley 413 NobbyK 265 lynxpaw 85 AlanR 74 So then. fizban's still off the front but afte...

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    Log your bike ride - here!

    Today's Ride..

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