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    Two cyclists killed in Berkshire

    Seems this bad guy has a lot of form;  maybe the Judge should have locked him up for life; that's all of his life.  

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    Types of cyclist

    johnstrac Try these guys (and I know one of them).  Who forgot to press the space bar?   for linky to work? Here you go :

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    Word Association


  4. 20 Apr 2014 Amstel Gold Race

    Larry Good idea, will also go back and post score details for last race and also doublecheck Cheers Cliff

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    Log your bike ride - here!

    Oh, meant to say, winner did 21.04.

  6. Ritmo Rating s*$%w up

    Hey zcapp, have you thought about deleting those rides, plotting them in with the route mapper and entering the time manually. Takes a bit more effort but might get you through until the software grem...

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    Avast Anti Virus? to buy or not to buy?

    Yep AVG is a good one been using it for about 5 years never had a problem...

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    Leaderboard not picking up best times

    Mine's gotten better by 90 seconds so works for me lol!

  9. Cycling Research

    I smell a rat, no sorry it's a guinea pig.

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    The New Forest welcomes cyclists with drawing pins

    I think a lot of them do appreciate the boost to local economy, the rest will appreciate our support when the government starts giving permission to build more and more houses down there!

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