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    Mudguards For Disc Brake Bikes

    Howdy Folks,   OK!!!...Didn't bloody realise it was gonna be soo damn difficult to obtain / fit any sort of mudguards to a Road Bike that has Disc Brakes, well CycloX to be exact....I'm running a Can...

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    Waterprrof jacket

    When it comes to wet weather / waterproof gear, IMO you pay for what you get. Gore Bike Wear is fantastic, been using the 'Oxygen' jacket for a No. of years commuting to & from work in utter dire ...

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    800 miles in four days...

    If you do manage it (and good luck!) get your rides posted here... The Tommy Godwin Challenge Personally, I seem to find about 150 miles my limit. I think it's very psychological after that. Well that...

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    Vuelta Stage 6

    Quintana J Rod Ta.

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    Word Association


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    Vuelta Stage 9

    Gesink Martin Dan

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    Vuelta Stage 8

    Bouhanni Kelderman

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    Vuelta Stage 7

    Gesink Martin Dan

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    Vuelta Stage 5

    That was quick :-) was about to do the "ammusing"  Degenkolb / Bouhani comment. Forgot to post as I started work at 7 this morning (must remember next week...)

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    Log your bike ride - here!

    Stonechip is my pet hate the devils curse I would drag the people who think that is useful on there (prob big)back sides down it for 50 yards to educate them .. And let's not mention the enviromental ...

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