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    Word Association


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    Log your bike ride - here!

    Seem to have abandoned cafe rides a bit early this year ! Decent run with 8 of us out, bit windy though.

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    Chain Rotation

    So I'd  read John.  However, as I  run Campagnolo and don't want to spend 150 quid on their chain tool, I  asked my local bikeshop to put a new chain on.  He told me I should replace the cassette...

  4. Turbo Session

    Managed to get outside today. We have an ok forecast the next couple of weeks, not snow and temperatures above freezing. The bike is off the turbo and on the road.  It was cold and wet but great to b...

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    'SEG's 75' Reliability Ride, Wickford, Essex, 22/2/15

    The SEG's 75 Reliability Ride, which is organised by the South Essex Group (SEG) of the Cyclists' Touring Club (CTC), takes place on February 22nd 2015. This established 75-mile event, which takes in ...

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    2015 Calendar

    Whoop whoop to you for taking on the Predictions again Young Larry, although when you headed it 2015 Calendar, I thought you were starting a thread about the very 'enlightened' Cyclepassion calendar o...

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    Are the UCI fit to govern world cycling?

    But Cookson didn't grant Astana the licance, the independant licancing commitie did. Bit iffy if the UCI managment started telling what should be an independant body what to do. (Ok, not as iffy as f...

  8. The Comeback...week 3!

    Oh well the slog goes on and on and on and... Just x2 sessions on the turbo trainer again this week, and the second stuck discussing 'how to plant xmas shrubbery' with my upstairs neighbour 'Mad Mike'...

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    Sufferfest vids are good - download one, get the laptop or whatever situated where you can see and hear it and crack on. revolver and downward spiral good places to start.

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    Super cheap deep section wheels - good idea?

    Any tiny  aero advantage you ga in will be offset by the fact that your green wheels are probably made of putty, have crap bearings and spokes and hubs that are as rough as arseholes.  Seriously, wh...

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